INT. CAFÉ, DINING SPACE – DAY, PRESENT A bustling café. Sun is shining through window. Full of couples and friends eating together and talking. Café is full of noise and life. INT. CAFÉ, BATHROOM – DAY, CONTINUOUS A YOUNG WOMAN is standing in front of the bathroom mirror. She is in her early twenties and […]

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Manslaughter of Crows

My first pet was a crow. A dirty, diseased, terminal crow. If you’re waiting for this troubling anecdote to become light hearted and uplifting. I regretfully say you will be sorely disappointed. I had my first pet for a day before fate saw fit to diverge our respective paths. Granted it’s not your typical story […]

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I’m not the type to consciously put myself into uncomfortable situations. This has led to a very safe, and admittedly sometimes boring life. I once hid in an upstairs storage room for an hour because my relatives came over and I had neither the patience nor the adequate caffeine intake to deal with a situation […]

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Going Down?

“Have you been getting enough sleep?” “Yes. For the hundredth time. Yes. How many more times are you going to ask me that? I have a class to get to.” “Well your father and I just worry, that’s all.” Reassured my mother from the other end of the phone line. “Between your place, college and […]

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Coffee Shop Cupid

(Martha is a thirty-seven year old woman who has recently been made redundant from her job at a large firm she worked her whole adult life at. Her good friend runs a coffee shop so she hires her until she can find more permanent work. It’s her first day on the job and she is […]

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